Love the Giver

Leaves - a diagram explaining the poster

Love the Giver
(Components of Poster No. P1, 16" x 22")


  1. Chromolithographed cover for a dance program, circa 1880.
  2. Devotional valentine, gouache on handcut and pinpricked paper; Strasbourg, circa 1710.
  3. Heart and hand love token with applied "wedding hand"; American, circa 1850.
  4. Valentine, handcolored lithograph, circa 1850.
  5. Valentine fan with design of cherubs, die-cut, chromolithographed, and gilded, circa 1880.
  6. Valentine, handcolored lithograph, circa 1850.
  7. Question and answer cards, handcolored with movable wheels; French, circa 1820.
  8. Valentine, handcolored lithograph on embossed paper by Kershaw, circa 1840.
  9. "Biedermier" card, embossed and gilded decorations applied to net backing; Austrian, circa 1810.
  10. Valentine quarto, double-lace paper by Dobbs; delicate paper lilies-of-the-valley and forget-me-nots applied to silk moir center, "Bound by Affection"; London, circa 1840. Round gift box (on the upper-left-hand corner), metallic paper trim; embossed wax figures of woman receiving letter from cupid; French, circa 1820.
  11. Handcolored lithograph on embossed paper by Addenbrooke; applied scraps and "Dresden" dove (not visible); English, circa 1840.
  12. Opened "fan," chromolithographed decoration applied to the cover of a dance program: "Fourth Season Grand Annual Ball of the Amateur Base Ball Association...Nov. 28, '81."
  13. Die-cut, lithographed on heavy stock paper, "theater"; the curtained opening reveals a scene on the stage and the motto "Affections Offering"; Dean, London, circa 1850. (Dean was famed as a manufacturer of early movable children's books.)
  14. Elaborate valentine, silvered lace-paper with tulle and fabric roses; the central image is two angels at a mother-of-pearl altar of love;' Meek, England, circa 1850.
  15. Busk: a scrimshaw corset-stave love token; polychromed; American, circa 1840.
  16. Mechanical "Biedermier" friendship card, handcolored lithograph of an angel; H.F. Miller, Vienna, circa 1810.
  17. Mechanical "Biedermier" friendship card, handcolored lithograph of a woman at a window; Paterno, Vienna, circa 1810.
  18. "The Magic Bouquet" valentine by Windsor; embossed flowers can be removed from the bouquet to read the message printed on the reverse; English, circa 1840.
  19. Handcolored lithographed valentine, image of a couple, circa 1850.
  20. Embroidered watch-paper, circa 1800.
  21. "Love the Giver," chromolithographed album card-bookmark; gift from a teacher, circa 1870.

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