Original Reproduction Victorian Greeting Cards for Valentine's Day and Other Special Occasions

Here are some of the original handmade greeting cards I have created for sale, based on antique valentines. These cards are each unique, and include layers of illustration and antique materials carefully reproduced to add timeless artistry and design. Golden borders and ornaments have been made on the same machines in Germany since the 19th century. Layers of elements from antique valentines, ribbon trims, flowers, lace, flowers, beads or mica, give a three-dimensional appearance for a stunning, memorable original greeting card which will be a cherished gift.

Created with the support of a loyal printer and special sources, virtually any kind of embossing or coloring is possible. Custom die-cuts and use of family photos are also possible, to realize your contemporary vision, with innovation and sentiment.

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If you are interested in making your own valentines, you can try the Valentine Kit I provide which lets you create your own individual card for a loved one - unique in the world! Please contact Nancy Rosin if you are interested in having cards made for your loved ones on any occasion. These and other patterns are available, as well as custom designs to order.

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Blue Pansy Collage Card Love the Giver  
Collage Card No. 2 Collage Card No. 4  
Collage Card 12 Different Embracing Couple Original Piece  
Cherub Flame Fringed Cherub  

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