Valentine Paper-cuts
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The Valentine Paper-cuts of Elizabeth Cobbold

    Featured in Victoria Magazine, February, 1995, and viewed in person recently by The Guild of American Papercutters, these charming artworks are perfect for modern-day paper-cut artisans. The images have been carefully copied on white paper, and are ready for cutting, or transferring to silhouette paper. The designs are suitable for intermediate hobbyists, but ideal for advanced craftspeople who wish to embellish the images, like the originals, with embossing and pinpricking. Copies of the original poetry which adorned these are included, and may be hand-written onto the design. Included also is historical background of this fascinating eighteenth century woman. Patterns fit a standard 8 x 10 backing and show the details clearly.

      • Fancy Queen of Fairy Pleasures
      • Medieval
      • The Slide
      • The Dandy
      • Quadrille
      • This cup my fair is filled to thee
      • Lion skin robe
      • Rosiere
      • The Indian Tree
      • The Rebus
      • Three Sisters young and pretty

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