Keepsake Cards and Open-Outs

Valentines is pleased to present this new catalog of keepsake cards for your loved ones! Beautiful designs from the past have been reproduced and made into collage versions of the original; they are modern in format, while preserving the tender concept of giving something lovingly made by hand.

Careful reproductions are applied to fine quality 5x8 card stock, embellished with imported metallic borders and trims, and transformed into special love tokens. Since the original missives were sent as messages of love, for any time of the year, they are often quite appropriate for any occasion, and are treasured mementoes for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, confirmations - and any moment enhanced by a special token of affection.

The interior of the cards are blank, enabling you to write your own message. When the antique originals were given, poetry or messages of love were carefully penned within to express the personal sentiment of the giver, thereby making the message more personal and cherished. Today, we think that the unique, handwritten thoughts of the sender are still preferred to any printed message!

Please refer to the numbers in the above photograph when filling out the order form.
No. 14 is Nancy's choice!

A Celebration of Love!

In earlier days, these cards would be given as "tokens of love" any day of the year. The best result of the current interest would be if we could return of that trend, and express our affection everyday.

Among the most exciting of the antique Victorian Valentines are the marvelous open-outs popular at the turn-of-the-century. These three-dimensional reproductions look like the antique originals which were given as gifts one hundred years ago! I have selected ships, automobiles, and the golden fan shown in the "Love the Giver" poster. These are definitely destined to be the cherished antiques of the future!

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