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Valentine's Day, 1997-2003

Thank you all for your wonderful inquiries about my collection of Valentines. Reproductions of some of my favorite antiques have been made into Valentine cards again this year and there has been an enthusiastic response. It is apparent that there is great interest in the beautiful designs of the past, as well as the concept of giving something lovingly made by hand - as a keepsake. When these antiques were created, they were given as tokens of love any day of the year. The best result of all this interest would be if we could return to that trend, and express our affection every day.

This homepage was quickly created to meet the sudden burst of interest, and will be developed into a more polished version in the future. For the present, I wanted to add some information, and again offer a personalized service to meet any specific needs you may have. Since the original missives were sent as love messages, for any time of the year, they are often quite appropriate for any occasion, and make wonderful greetings for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, confirmations, and any moment enhanced by a special token of affection. The interior of the cards are blank, enabling you to write your own message - when the originals were given, poetry or messages of love were carefully penned within to express the personal sentiment of the giver - thereby making the message more personal and cherished. Today, the unique, handwritten thoughts of the sender are still better than any printed message!

I have made cards from many of the designs in the Love the Giver poster, seen in Victoria Magazine. (It may be seen on the internet at http://www.www.victoriantreasury.com). The tussy mussy, the devotional, the Love the Giver album card, and several other designs are available. Careful copies of the images have been made, and applied to fine quality 5"x8" card stock. The designs are then embellished with imported metallic borders, and transformed into lovely versions of the original. Larger prints may be created as well, and both versions are suitable for framing.

Because of the amount of time required to create these cards, I must now sell them at $6 each. Postage is $2. per order. Prints are $10, but please call if you have a special need. The kits, which proved to be very popular, have materials to create old fashioned cards, not just for Valentine's Day; enhanced kits for the more experienced collage artist are available at extra cost. A unique trove of old materials enables me to share these treasures with you. The specific antiques shown in the article are not available for sale; as the price of the originals is prohibitive, the reproductions have been created.

I have personally found that the posters look best when matted with one or two of the colors, and a gilt frame shows them wonderfully. It's a super way to celebrate love all year long!

Nancy Rosin


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Victorian Greeting Cards


Also available -- A Valentine Kit, Prints for Framing, and Unique Antique Valentines

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Tribute to Love PosterThe Valentine -
A Tribute to Love

(P1: 16" x 22")

Love the Giver PosterLove the Giver

(P2: 19" x 27")

Victorian Greeting Cards
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Valentine Paper-cuts
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Paper-Cuts (1)

Scherenschnitte Templates

The Valentine Paper-cuts of Elizabeth Cobbold

Also available..

Valentine Kit

A wonderful assortment of new and old items -- scraps, card stock, pictures to use in collage, and other inspiring materials -- to create a group of imaginative "old fashioned" Valentines for personal keepsake treasures for friends and family. Each kit is different, and everything is included except scissors and glue -- let your own Valentine fantasies have a wonderful time! Fun for all ages. Price: $20. Plus $3. priority postage .

Prints for framing

Your favorite Valentine carefully reproduced. Please call for details. Scherenschnitte (paper-cutting) templates of various Valentines in the Nancy Rosin Collection. Wonderful framed just as you receive them!

Antique Valentines

A list of available antiques is being compiled and will be sent in response to all inquiries. As each piece is unique, and fragile, xeroxes will generally be sent with details and pricing information. The specific pieces shown in the article are not, I regret to say, for sale at this time.

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