The Valentine and Expressions of Love
Video produced by Sirocco Productions, Norfolk, VA (757) 461-8987, for release January 20, 2000 . This is the first video ever done on the subject, and provides much information about the subject which is not available anyplace else. It is hoped that it will be an exciting new item for existing collectors, and inspirational to people who are unfamiliar with the subject. It is the perfect gift of love!
This documentary on the Valentine traces, over 17 centuries, its evolution as the premier love token in the English-speaking world.  A photo of the video package is available here.

"The Valentine" is a 105-minute journey that begins with the martyr St. Valentinus in 276 AD Rome, adds the pagan gods Hymen and Cupid, and follows, with subtle shifts in the connotation of the word "Valentine" from the subject of affection to a sentimental card given on February 14th as an expression of love.

Rare folk-art, letter Valentines, exquisite paper-lace cards, historic photographs and film clips, plus love tokens, collectibles and dolls - all drawn from the personal archives of collector Nancy Rosin - provide glimpses into the development of Valentine customs. At heart are man's continual efforts to answer, demonstratively but sensitively, that universal question: "How do I love thee?" Attempts to memorialize the answers are chronicled in "The Valentine".

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