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Nancy Rosin's Victorian Treasury January 2009

Dear Friends,

Welcome to another romantic year at my Victorian Treasury. Valentines and expressions of love are the centerpiece of my site,  where I focus on providing a unique resource for the collector, historian, or craftsperson.  I enjoy sharing my passion through my personal collection,  my research, the articles I write, my posters, and the cards I create.  You will find helpful links, as well, to expand your romantic adventure through other interesting resources online.

I am delighted to announce that I am now President of the National Valentine Collectors Association. The organization, now in its’ thirty-third year,  continues to dedicate itself to encouraging the preserving and collecting of Valentines. A quarterly newsletter, complete with a mail auction, interesting articles, and pertinent information, will continue, and I encourage your participation.  Membership information is located on this website. Additionally another location, www.valentinecollectors.com, is being developed to complement the newsletter, and will be exclusively for it.

Wearing another hat, I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Ephemera Society of America (www.ephemerasociety.org) and I urge you to look at their website. All manner of paper – I like to think that my tokens of love are not ephemeral – receive serious attention from dealers, collectors, and academia. My recent cover article for their Journal, on scrapbooks, shows the incredible connection between all these marvelous  treasures we adore. Finding others to share your enthusiasm, and benefiting from their annual conference and paper fair, are important advantages.

Due to the changes in the eBay structure, the live chats  -- a staple for the past eight years – have been discontinued. They did archive our latest one, and it can be found at http://forums.ebay.com/db1/thread.jspa?start=280&threadID=2000513248.

Valentines range from tender handmade ones, to elaborate lace paper confections, children's’ cards meant for the school Valentine exchange, caustic comic ones, celluloid  devices, and even postcards. Within this range there are cards with religious and romantic motifs, as well as Civil War and cartoon characters  -- so there is something to appeal to everyone. Please visit my   “Library”, where I am always adding new articles  for your reading pleasure or research. Some of you have written about the extensive time you spend here, and I couldn’t be happier!

The history of the Valentine is an important aspect, as Valentine’s Day has been widely celebrated for centuries. 

The historic puzzle purse seems to have a unique appeal, as the complex folded puzzle reveals a message, but, once opened, is a challenge  to reassemble.  Last year, as a gift to all of you, I posted a template, instructions for folding, and an image of an antique from my collection. Many of you created puzzle purses that were just phenomenal, yielding artistic  creations which will definitely become cherished heirlooms.  Once you’ve perfected the process, you’re ready to create your own design -- and the adventurous souls will be rewarded with an amazing treasure. Enclose a lock of hair, a tiny ring, or a special photo or remembrance -- and it will make the best Valentine -- ever!

 And this year, the secret will be out, as  everyone else will learn to create this fascinating puzzle, when they are featured in the February issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine!

Enjoy your visit here, and return often. While  Victorian Treasury continues to grow, it is   impossible to include everything within this broad category. If there is anything you need or want, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Celebrating love and affection,  every day of the year,


President, National Valentine Collectors' Association
Member of the Board of Directors,
Ephemera Society of America

Special thanks -- and love --  to my son, Matthew, for his unending contribution to the content and design of this website.





This site is continually growing and will soon include many more unique products and information for collectors and people seeking unique gifts. Please come again soon!


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